Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga (2012 TV series)

Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga (English: It Might Be You) is a Filipino drama series created and written by RJ Nuevas, under the direction of Roderick Lindayag and produced by GMA Network. It is a remake of the 2001 television series of the same title. In the modern version, Mikael Daez and Andrea Torres breathe new life to the roles previously portrayed by Dingdong Dantes and Tanya Garcia-Lapid. The series premiered on September 3, 2012, replacing Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? on GMA Afternoon Prime, and September 6, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

The series is also part of the networks set of shows for the last quarter of 2012, along with Magdalena and Yesterday’s Bride.

The series follows the story of love between a rich man and a poor woman whose romance would be marked by betrayal, lies and obsession.

The series which was confirmed to be allotted for 16 weeks is extended until February 2013 due to its impressive viewership and garnering high ratings as confirmed by Daez in an interview taken place during a December 2012 taping for the afternoon TV series.

The series concluded on February 8, 2013. It ran for 23 weeks with a total of 115 episodes. It replaced by Bukod Kang Pinagpala on its timeslot.

The story revolves around two lovers whose romance is against all odds.

Carlos Miguel Altamonte, a handsome, rich guy, meets the poor but charming barrio lass, Cecilia Fulgencio. It was love at first sight for both of them. There’s a hitch, however, Carlos Miguel is trapped in an arranged marriage with Olga Villavicer, a woman he doesn’t really love. Yet, Carlos Miguel and Cecilia’s love for each other proves strong enough to motivate the former to back out to the designed commitment and pursue his newfound bliss.

Carlos Miguel fought for his love for Cecilia and succeeded in wooing her to tie the knot with him. On the other hand, Olga, unable to accept defeat, sets an evil plan into action. A scheme that will entirely change Cecilia’s life and worse, lose her own identity.

Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga (lit. Hope It’s Really You) was a hit television series originally created by RJ Nuevas GMA Network. The series ran for two successful years. It premiered on December 3, 2001 and concluded on April 25, 2003, and still remains as one of the network’s most popular and well-loved teledramas to this day.

The original version starred Dingdong Dantes and Tanya Garcia as Carlos Miguel Altamonte and Cecilia Fulgencio/Olga Villavicer respectively. It was under the direction of Gil Tejada, Jr. The said series was the very first project of Dantes and Garcia’s love team and also served as the launch vehicle for their respected careers.

Also parts of the original series are Angelu de Leon, Bobby Andrews, Jacklyn Jose, Elizabeth Oropeza, Tirso Cruz III, Maricar de Mesa, Eric Quizon and Joey de Leon.

August 3, 2012, the network announced that they had decided to recreate one of its very own masterpieces, Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga, following the success of their 2011 remake of Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin.

The same date, the production team introduces the new actors that will portray the two main characters for the new version of the series, Mikael Daez and Andrea Torres.

While there are many similarities to the original version, many changes were made. Headwriter, RJ Nuevas, whose concept gave birth to the original series, further stated that compare to the original series, the new version’s storyline is more matured and daring. „We had to make the story more contemporary. This is a great challenge for all of us. After a decade, one of the most-loved teledramas in Philippine television will be given a different touch that is appropriate for today’s times. We’re speeding it up a little bit [because the series is good only for one season] and putting some more interesting twists and turns“, he added.

The production started filming on August 16, 2012 with series’ creator and headwriter, RJ Nuevas; series’ director, Roderick Lindayag; program manager, Hazel Abonita; creative head [for Afternoon Prime block], Roy Iglesias and creative director, Jun Lana; and Lilybeth Rasonable served as the overall in-charge of production.

The production is targeting to air the 2012 reboot for a total of 16 weeks.

Andrea Torres and Mikael Daez was chosen to play Cecilia and Carlos Miguel, respectively, amongst the roster of actors who auditioned for the roles. The two are very happy and beyond grateful that their mother studio is trusting them with their own drama series.

Daez’s first major break as an actor came when he landed the role of Lumad, one of Marian Rivera’s love interests in the epic series, Amaya. He later appeared in the primetime series My Beloved, where he first had the opportunity of working with Torres. The two never had scenes together, but everyone, back then, kept teasing them to each other. Unknown to both, they will end up as a pair in this afternoon drama series.

On the other hand, Torres reprises the role of Cecilia Fulgencio. She will play both the real and fake Cecilia [Olga] after her character’s face disfigured in a bombing incident in the story. Since she will play dual roles, Torres underwent several acting workshops as her preparation for her role.

Prior to this project, Torres once got so depressed at work that she even thought of quitting show business. She stated: „There was a point when I asked myself if I really had a future here. I gave myself until age 24 or 25. If nothing happened, I’d start looking in another direction“. Until her big break had finally come. „I waited for this for so long! It’s a good thing I didn’t lose hope or just decided to quit. I’m glad I still believed this would happen to me. And now I’m feeling the pressure. I’m working twice as hard to prove that I deserve it“, she added.

Although [in Philippine showbusiness‘ case] experimenting with a new pair is always a big gamble, the show’s program manager, Hazel Abonita is very optimistic about the program. „Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga became very popular when it first aired ten years ago at time when viewers were starting to notice the network’s primetime offerings. The show opened many doors for its original lead stars, and we’re hoping that the new version will do the same for Mikael and Andrea,“ she said in a press statement.

Abonita’s group was also the same team behind the production of the high rating afternoon drama series Hiram na Puso, which starred Gina Alajar, Kris Bernal and Mark Herras.

Aside from Daez and Torres, Gabby Eigenmann and Chynna Ortaleza are also part of the remake as the two main antagonists. They played the roles of Gilbert Zalameda and Olga Villavicer, which originally portrayed by actor/director Eric Quizon and character actress, Maricar De Mesa, respectively.

Instead of using the original theme song, which is Cecile Azarcon’s classic composition, „Sana’y Ikaw Na Nga“, the 2012 version of the series uses the song „Ikaw Na Sana“, a Vehnee Saturno original piece. First performed by Butch Montejo and Kristine Mercaida, the song was first used as soundtrack of 1997 Viva Television-GMA Network co-production romantic-fantasy series [and its movie version] of the same title, which starred 90’s famous loveteam, Angelu de Leon and Bobby Andrews. Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go interpreted the song for the modernized remake.

The pilot episode of the series garnered an 8.7 point lead over its counterpart programs in ABS-CBN and TV5. According to both AGB and Nielsen Television Audience Measurement (Nielsen TAM) Mega-Manila overnight household ratings date (September 3, 2012), Sana Ay Ikaw na Nga garnered 16.4% ratings while Kung Ako Ay Iiwan Mo and Love You A Thousand Times garnered 7.7% and 4.4% ratings, respectively.

On October 24, 2012, the show garnered 52.4% audience share (Mega Manila Household Audience Shares – Nielsen TV Audience Measurement) against 19.1% audience shares of Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo of ABS-CBN.

For the period November 19, 2012 to January 25, 2013 (based on overnight data), the show also went ahead of the rival network’s newly launched program Paraiso, registered a commanding average TV rating of 15.1% against 8.7% of the competing program. The show also ahead of its competitors in the viewer-rich areas of Urban Luzon and Mega Manila.