Scottish Financial Enterprise

Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) is the industry trade group that represents and promotes the interests of Scotland’s international financial services industry. It is a company limited by guarantee based in Edinburgh.

SFE’s members encompass all of the main sectors within the industry, including banking; fund management and investment management; general insurance, life assurance and pensions; asset servicing; corporate finance and broking services; professional services (law firms, chartered accountants and auditors) and support services. In addition, the membership includes professional bodies (e.g. the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland) and government bodies: the Bank of England and Scottish Enterprise.

SFE’s members account for over 70 per cent of those employed within the financial services industry in Scotland, which employs over 113,000 in Scotland and a further 100,000 in support roles.

The chairman of SFE is an ex officio member of the Financial Services Advisory Board of the Scottish Government, which is convened by the First Minister of Scotland.